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Photography Portfolio


I am the son of two artists, Laura and Charles Meyers.

I’ve been a photographer since elementary school, and my interest piqued in high school, when I was able to access a black & white developing lab.

My photography focuses on the patterns and shapes found in nature that we might overlook while searching for beauty.

I currently shoot with a Canon t5i with an 18-135mm zoom lens.

Photos prior to 2013 were shot with a Canon Powershot a640.

La France and Lake Claire 8-19-13

A walk around the neighborhood, down La France Street toward the pie factory, and around to Lake Claire.

New Orleans 11-2011

Continuing my exploration of layers and texture in New Orleans

Rhinebeck New York 8-2010

Pictures from several locations, including Boiceville (Sculpture), Woodstock, the CIA, Walkway Over The Hudson and Vassar College.

Sink Project

In 2005, the photography teacher at my old high school sent around an email asking for some of us to create a set of photos centered around a sink.  This was my contribution.  They are meant to be viewed in sequence, and the slide show is best.

Greenwood Cemetary 11-16-11

A trip through Brooklyn’s Greenwood Cemetery. I’m especially fascinated by tombstones of dead children.

Coolidge Homestead

A trip through the Calvin Coolidge Historic Site and Homestead in Plymouth, VT.

Bronx Zoo 3-21-2010

A trip to the zoo with my girlfriend and me, to see the bears and the monkeys and the giraffes.

Bronx Botanical Gardens 9-4-2011

A visit to the Bronx Botanical Gardens in the Fall of 2011. We went to the orchid exhibit, the lotus pond and we saw a frog.

Butterflies 7-27-13

One of my favorite things about living in Atlanta is the amount of nature and greenery around. Today, I found a few butterfly friends in my garden.

Central Park 7-20-11

Me and my mom went to Central Park to take pictures. These are mostly in the Shakespeare Garden and in various paths in the Ramble area.

Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico 2009

There’s an annual migration of cranes that land in New Mexico to rest.