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Hi, I’m Jeremy Meyers. In my life I’ve been a Downtown NYC weird son of hippie artist parents, a park kid, a goth 80s and industrial DJ, worked at several record labels, helped define early social media tools, worked in corporate PR (yuck), been a defendant in an internet censorship case for the ACLU in the mid 90s. I’ve lived in Atlanta since 2012, where I build simple websites for small local businesses. Welcome!

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November 26, 2021

Stephen Sondheim 1930-2021

In 2008 I was working for Sony Masterworks during the release of the box set “Stephen Sondheim: The Story So Far” and was honored to have the opportunity to co-produce (with Vella Interactive, Dana Saltzman Siegel and David Foil) a lengthy podcast series around the entirety of his career. It’s…

November 26, 2021
September 28, 2021
Photo of Grant Park Coffee House

On places that feel like home going away.

My coffee shop is gone. The place where they know me and know my order. I walk in and whoever is at the register will just say “Jeremy’s here” and ask if i want hot or iced today. The owner of the building raised the rent, and did not accept…

September 28, 2021
February 13, 2020

General Life Update 2020

Still don’t have much to write about in essay form.Kate and I are still in Atlanta, in a cute cottage in Grant Park. We recently celebrated ten years together.Have started teaching myself Ableton and Music Production. You can here some of my (not very good at at this point) music…

February 13, 2020

Selected Writing

On Vulnerability

[Inspired by Brene Brown’s awesome TEDTalk “The Power of Vulnerability”, which I really recommend you watch before reading this post.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.] [and also inspired by Amber N’s Things I Wish People Knew About Me] Vulnerability is a…

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On compassion.

When we are quick to judge others, people or companies that may not be communicating honestly, that may be scared of having people gossip, or spread untruths, or being perceived inaccurately, we are creating an ‘me vs them’ space for…

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Me, Socially

My Annual Top Albums List.

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