General Life Update 2020

  • Still don’t have much to write about in essay form.
  • Kate and I are still in Atlanta, in a cute cottage in Grant Park. We recently celebrated ten years together.
  • Have started teaching myself Ableton and Music Production. You can here some of my (not very good at at this point) music on SoundCloud. Feel free not to share it.
  • Managing my depression pharmaceutically and behaviorally.
  • Donating resources to a collection of non-profits dedicated to fighting white supremacy and creating a more equitable society.
  • Generally avoiding social media other than Instagram (and a few topic-specific sites). I dip in and out of the others.
  • Do not have a full-time job but will occasionally freelance projects in a variety of categories.
  • Still listen to a ton of music.
  • Is my life where I want it or where I thought it would be? No. But I am very blessed in many areas and am grateful to be here.
Also, we cute.