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me: thinking of doing a contest with artists who have two first names: George Michael, Billy Joel, James Taylor
mg: much more acceptable
me: much better than my Billy Joel/GEICO idea

Top 10 of 2003

Top 10 for Jeremy Meyers ( They are A Full-time Employee. It is not in order.
1. Nothingface – Skeletons (The only record with screaming I can stand. That says something)
2. Ambulance LTD – Ambulance LTD (Still not sick of it.)
3. Lamb – Between Darkness And Wonder (Some of the most beautiful music in any genre ever. Far and away the best record of this year.)
4. Anberlin – Blueprints for the Black Market (Best pop record of the year (sorry, Pay The Girl). Hella catchy and happy and not Christian for a Tooth & Nail Record)
5. Audio Bullys – Ego War (The Streets injected with the spirit of Daft Punk and Les Rhythmes Digitales. Shake yer booty music.)
6. Electric Six – Fire (Let’s start a nuclear war!)
7. Bubba Sparxxx – Deliverance (Real southern hip-hop. With banjos. And harmonicas. Timbaland’s best production work in ages.)
8. Daniel Lanois – Shine (Yes, that Daniel Lanois. He of U2 fame delivers a moody reverby masterpiece of confessional singer-songwriter angst)
9. Atmosphere – Seven’s Travels (Best intelligent hip-hop release all year. Doesn’t sacrifice the beats.)
10. Ascii Disko – Ascii Disko (Electro-House is the new everything.)
CD Overlooked Last Year: Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This (Justin Timberlake + The Streets = … well, you know.)
Biggest Letdown of the Year:

Blogger post 2

What a day, as usual. Got bunches of Nothingface stuff done, need to start on some other bands soon. I get to go to the show at Knitting Factory for free, at least. And yet again, Buffy and Gilmore Girls are reruns.

Oh well, maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight… not likely, though.