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Anyone who knows me know that I’m a bit of a computer nerd aficionado. I’ve been usin the damn things pretty much since I could walk (which should explain my posture).

For me, the golden age of video games was the mid 80s, before designers could rely on flashy graphics and actually had to think about things like gameplay and replay value. I used to have a Commodore 64 which had hundreds and hundreds of games.

This sentiment is shared apparently by people other than me, as remakes.org keeps track of people recreating and/or updating classic video games for our more wired times.

Some of my favorite games that have new versions include: Kung-Fu Master, Pitfall II, the classic Bruce Lee, Choplifter (for Mac), Phoenix (reborn as Space Birdz), The original (i.e. before they were Super) Mario Brothers, ultimate platform game Jumpman, and HERO clone HELD by the interestingly named Elite Pigs.

Stuff I’m still looking for: Staff of Karnath, Ultimate Wizard, Wizard of Wor, Pooyan. Holla back at a playa if you gots da hookzup.

Blog. Blog. Let It All Out.

– In “everything old is new” music news, the 80s are back! (‘Had they ever really gone away?” i hear all you scene kids respond with…yes…yes they had). Hip-O/Uni are finally releasing the “new” album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending by Tears for Fears, which had been idling in record label merger hell since Arista got shuffled in to BMG proper. I’ve had this record on my iPod for awhile now and I must say its a classic. Baroque pop melodies along with the classic TFF shuffle.

– We’re putting out the new Duran Duran record, which I must say is pretty sweet. If you don’t believe me, check out their new video.

– My favorite new stupid geek gadget and time waster of the week (with an acronym like MFNSGGATWOTW, you know I’m gonna be using it all the time) is Toogle. It takes your query, runs it through google and then does some mumbo jumbo with ASCII art and…well, just try it. [Update: Apparently its not just me, and the site’s down for a bit]

– With everything else in the world apparently all taken care of (though Bea Arthur might disagree…Hi Bea!), city governments decide that now is the time to crack down on goths. Makes me wanna go back to school for some good ol’ fashioned HISSIN’!

– In movie news, whoda thunk the DJ from In Living Color wouldve put togehter such a fine-looking performance as Ray Charles in the upcoming biopic.- But, as long as more women are using sex toys and you can charge your cellphone at Union Square, the world can’t be all bad, right?

Finally, a note to John Kerry. Say something..

Thank you.