F*R*I*E*N*D*S in 90 seconds

As done by the YouTube-To-TV cast of “Nobody’s Watching” from the creator of Scrubs which returns to Thursday nights and you really should watch because its really frackin funny.

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A joke for one person.

receiptSee that receipt there on the left?

That’s PAYOLA.

Microsoft and Epic Records to Offer Ongoing Exclusive Entertainment Content on Xbox Live
The online entertainment network features Natasha Bedingfield as first Artist of the Month, and offers music videos and Game with Fame sessions.

REDMOND, Wash., and NEW YORK  March 16, 2006  Microsoft Corp. and music giant Epic Records today announced an agreement to make available a full year of exclusive artist content and high-definition music video downloads free for all Xbox 360 gamers. Over the next year, Xbox 360 and Epic Records will showcase 12 up-and-coming artists through the Artist of the Month (AOM) program via the Xbox Live service, the first and only unified global online entertainment network. Through the alliance, millions of Xbox Live members can enter a monthly sweepstakes with a prize of gaming against some of the hottest musicians through the Xbox Live Game with Fame” program.

“This program really taps into the passion and excitement that surround both video gaming and music,” said Cory Llewellyn, vice president of Epic Records Digital Marketing and Promotion. We are excited to bring our strong roster of developing artists together with Xbox Live for a variety of great experiences for consumers.

Image of Cory Llewellyn from Twitter
Image of Cory Llewellyn

Read more about why my friend Cory is so good at his job at microsoft.com.

Dun daaa … da da daaa

Josh and The Upwelling boys were fantastic as I assumed they would be. Plus I got to meet his dad. Hometown shows are the greatest. Pictures and video are forthcoming.

I went out to Trash where my buds Alex and Jess spin, where i ran into Jerry and Logan who I hadn’t seen in ages, before heading to Flamingo East where we ran into Aronne and Alex, neither of whom I’d seen in awhile.

It’s always interesting going out clubbing after having not done in awhile, it reminds me how many people I know are still stuck in club kid mode, which seems a little sad to me, being that its at least 6 years since any of them started. But I guess it’s not my place to judge. I found myself over it and depressive by the time I stealthed home.

Anywho, Upwelling were good. So are The Birthday Massacre

As for the title of the post, its a meager attempt at the theme from The West Wing, of which I’ve been gorging myself on the DVDs of all weekend. Hows that for a mangling of the english language?

That is all.