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Craigslist made easy and other links.

– Fear not, happy little gamers: the Bob Ross video game will happen as planned!

– Via Apartmenttherapy, some enterprising young lads created ListPic, a way to browse craiglist posts that have images via thumbnails rather than having to click through to each.

– Miss MST3K, but not clever enough to talk back to the screen yourself? Let former writer Michael J. Nelson do it for you!

– Finally, one site combines the best parts of myspace and…um…allrecipies.com. Please welcome BakeSpace!

– Geek god Wil Wheaton decimates his own performance as he reviews TNG episodes on his blog.

– Writer of addictive stutterbeats Timbaland talks to Blender

Record Labels turn Piracy into Marketing Opportunity (from WSJ). Remember folks, when live gives you AIDS, make Lemon-AIDS! (Thanks Sarah Silverman)

– For the kid in all of us, here’s an archive of old school Sesame Street videos and sounds!

– Here’s why I dont find Borat funny.

SQUARE ONE! Do doo de doo doo…doo dooo…

Square One Logo

Anyone other than me grow up watching the wacky antics of the cast of Square One TV on PBS?

Well, some enterprising lad has posted his full collection of MathMan videos from that show on YouTube. This clever parody of Pac-Man challenges our intrepid hero to only eat numbers that match certain criteria, or risk being eaten by the tumultuous Mr. Glitch.

Check it out, true believers.

And when you’re done, look at the newgrounds video of why he pissed me off.