Dun daaa … da da daaa

Josh and The Upwelling boys were fantastic as I assumed they would be. Plus I got to meet his dad. Hometown shows are the greatest. Pictures and video are forthcoming.

I went out to Trash where my buds Alex and Jess spin, where i ran into Jerry and Logan who I hadn’t seen in ages, before heading to Flamingo East where we ran into Aronne and Alex, neither of whom I’d seen in awhile.

It’s always interesting going out clubbing after having not done in awhile, it reminds me how many people I know are still stuck in club kid mode, which seems a little sad to me, being that its at least 6 years since any of them started. But I guess it’s not my place to judge. I found myself over it and depressive by the time I stealthed home.

Anywho, Upwelling were good. So are The Birthday Massacre

As for the title of the post, its a meager attempt at the theme from The West Wing, of which I’ve been gorging myself on the DVDs of all weekend. Hows that for a mangling of the english language?

That is all.

Things that are good.

Here a list of stuff that’s good: velvet, fleece, vinyl, flannel, pillows, snuggles, eye contact, inside jokes, knowing glances, “thank you”, “any time”, disco, laughing at yourself, webcams, unexpected but pleasant surprises, overstuffed chairs, leather couches, slow and hard, kissing in the rain, backsides and the various uses thereof, girl-watching with girls, lesbian porn, free music, finding the perfect song, getting more than you bargained for, taking it to the next level, phone calls from old friends, nutella, making breakfast for someone, thai food, women who are half-asian, people who ask for what they want, spring nights, fall mornings, running fingers through hair, Pajamas, Haagen Dazs Coffee Ice Cream, Lombardis, rooftop access, cool showers in the summer, cute girl wearing one of my t-shirts and nothing else, naps, movies that fit you like the aforementioned old shirt, bad-breath wake-up kisses, knowing they want to be kissed, comfortable silences, union square park at night when its empty, wifi, eyecandy, being IMed first, having someone miss you, a hug that lasts just a second too long, singing along to The Killers, hugs, shamelessly enjoying bad pop music (Bon Jovi, etc), rainy afternoons with U2, roof access in the summer, having a rough week and still finding things to put on this list.

Please please please comment and add your own things!


Blogger post 2

What a day, as usual. Got bunches of Nothingface stuff done, need to start on some other bands soon. I get to go to the show at Knitting Factory for free, at least. And yet again, Buffy and Gilmore Girls are reruns.

Oh well, maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight… not likely, though.