Yes! That’s it exactly!

You ever stumble upon a piece of literature or a quote or a song that perfectly describes a part of you?

I know you have.

Well, when thinking about the frustrations of dealing with the opposite sex, I happened upon a post on Greg The Boyfriend which hits pretty on the nose the dangers of being out of the ‘getting that rush’ loop for awhile.

Does this hit home for any of you?

The Future of Information Syndication. And girls.

Can RSS Save Email Marketing … My opinion: most certainly, but its better done in tandem with email. Theres some things that just do better with a graphical layout format, and RSS is not very good at summarizing things just yet.

Email vs. RSS: Pros and Cons from MSDN. Pretty simply laid out, actually.

For those of us with RSI thumbs, a lil secret people don’t want you to know about is that you can quite easily Text Message from AIM Shhhhhhh…

This is what happens when you ask a bunch of geeks where they met their SOs…its actually kinda sweet. Anyone wanna hook me up with a free subscription? I’m so lonely *sniffle*.