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Day of weird Friendster happenings

Always good to come home to messages like these in ones friendster inbox. For the record, there is no mention of anything remotely resembling anything that would insinuate that I might be the least bit interested in the church

Message: Hey!.J My name is alvan A worship leader, tv
producer Artist searching…………………………..for
people who wanna share in what they do in
obeying God service to man. I Lead an
international multicultural mission orient music
band. we record travel to different continents doing
crusades concerts & lot of adventure in doing what
it takes to reach this generation. it is very
fulfilling!…. & excitiNG!..!…. to see lives change.
My Pastor is from the Netherlands with a whole
team from almost every where. Our Church is
youthfull exuburant colourfull and down right real a
network of more than 30,000 churches in different
continents of the world. check some out on my
profile and the ministries web site
www.agtereek.org if you can. Why all this I am
looking for people to share in what it takes, activity
partners who are doing however small or big, to
influence this Generation, lets inspire and
strenghten to the Glory of God. i see in your
interest Ministry. Wanna Chat?……!


Feel free to respond on my behalf.