Craigslist made easy and other links.

– Fear not, happy little gamers: the Bob Ross video game will happen as planned!

– Via Apartmenttherapy, some enterprising young lads created ListPic, a way to browse craiglist posts that have images via thumbnails rather than having to click through to each.

– Miss MST3K, but not clever enough to talk back to the screen yourself? Let former writer Michael J. Nelson do it for you!

– Finally, one site combines the best parts of myspace and…um… Please welcome BakeSpace!

– Geek god Wil Wheaton decimates his own performance as he reviews TNG episodes on his blog.

– Writer of addictive stutterbeats Timbaland talks to Blender

Record Labels turn Piracy into Marketing Opportunity (from WSJ). Remember folks, when live gives you AIDS, make Lemon-AIDS! (Thanks Sarah Silverman)

– For the kid in all of us, here’s an archive of old school Sesame Street videos and sounds!

– Here’s why I dont find Borat funny.

First thing we do, let’s kill all the Elmo.

With the exciting news of the impending release (10/24) of Sesame Street: Old School, a 3-DVD set featuring episodes and clips from the first 5 seasons of SS, I found it necessary to share my favorite Ernie/Bert sketch of all time below.

There are a ton more clips at, too!

I continue to bow to all things Henson.