I Don’t wanna Talk About it (not the Wilson Phillips version)

Hello and welcome, Bolt users!

Four things to say about this week: [IQ] [Education] [Shirt]. This all makes me miss our dear departed brother Bill Hicks even more. But to keep me sated, I found this mega-archive of unreleased BH stuff. You can really just replace one Bush with another in your mind.

In less (de)pressing news, my bud Lil Jon created a parodysalute to Russell Simmons’ Vote Or Die campaign (I mean seriously, is Paris Hilton in a shirt really going to sway anyone to vote? I mean other than voting her off the island of Manhattan, Survivor-stylee) called Crunk Or Die, hosted by my “friends” at my old gig, TVT Records.

Oh and in case you aint hurr, theres a new definition for Rock And Roll, and this creepy asian guy is it! Seriously, he’s got more skills than any 4 bands that play at rothko (Hi, Alex!)

In formerly-hot-people-falling apart news, we have the unfortunate inevitable beginnings of the sag of Joey Potter. Why oh why must people grow old!

Oh also, check out one-hit-wonder-but-actually-pretty-cool band Local H (who’s main claim to fame was getting the word ‘copacetic’ into a mainstream rock song)’s cover of Britney’s which proves once and for all that no matter whether your life is in the gutter and your body is falling apart and you’re giving blow jobs to your fiancee on your balcony, a good pop song is a good pop song.

And in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the Episode III trailer, which actually looks like it might not suck. (AOHell membership required). Of course its not as cool as the Grandaddy video which is like Polyphonic Spree on LSD, which is saying quite a bit. [thanks, fashionablylate!

Apropos of nothing, I’d like to close with a little anecdote. When I was working at TVT, my friend Tom and I used to share an office. We also both had Barry Manilow’s classic “Copa Cabana” on our respective computers. Come Fridays, we’d both be sitting hard at work or whatever and then with no warning one of us would start playing the song at maximum volume. And thats when we’d know that no more work was getting done.

Her name was Lola…she was a showgirl.