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A Labor of Love of Stories and Music: 60 Second Soundtracks

One of the projects I’ve been working on at Sony is a video series entitled 60 Second Soundtracks. The concept is simple. I work with some of the biggest music geeks I know, but we’re rarely given the opportunity to share our love of music professionally from a personal viewpoint. The series was conceived to give us all a place to talk about our favorite albums and why we love them so much.

There was no direction given as to which albums to choose, other than that they were in the SonyBMG (now Sony Music) catalog.I encouraged people to pick albums from deep in our catalog rather than the obvious choice (I strictly forbid anyone from picking “London Calling,” for example, we have so many Clash fans!)

The result is, I think, a really interesting collection of stories of people’s love of a wide range of albums and songs, and reminiscences of their own personal histories. Nobody picked albums we ‘happened to be working on this quarter’.There was no business reason behind the choices, other than that they felt that these albums needed to be heard by more people.

Thanks to Chris at Etc. Productions and Joe at Vella Interactive for helping to make the vision a reality.

I hope you enjoy them.

This is the part of the blog post where I would embed a YouTube player, except that my companies YouTube strategy is to disable sharing on all the videos that we deliver to them. So you will have to make do with a:

Link: 60 Second Soundtracks on Vimeo

Update: here’s a widget with some of the vids, not all.

Why I hate hipsters, succinctly.

In response to the above unfunny bit of mediocrity, Nick Bailey of Shorefire responded on a mailing list:

*giggle.. hipsters are funny! giggle giggle I’m making fun of hipsters, but I am one, see, but I’m making fun of myself, so it’s funny tee hee check my super hip references, I know what everyone’s talking about, and so do you, we’re all hip together, but even hipper, because we realize how silly it all is, but of course we still do it, but aren’t hipsters funny? hee …. * YAWN *

I wholeheartedly agree. When will this die, already.