Top 10 of 2002

Top 10 for Jeremy Meyers ( They are A Full-time Employee. It is not in order.
1. Wayne – Music on Plastic (TVT) (Criminally overlooked. Pop at its best. THIS should be whats big.)
2. Underworld – A Hundred Days Off (V2) (They continue to be the best electronic act around, crossing over just a little bit more since Darren left. Their live show was breathtaking, as usual.)
3. Filter – The Amalgamut (WBR) (Best melodic rock record of the year. QOTSA sucks. I look forward to what RP has in store now that he’s out of rehab.)
4. The Devlins – Consent (Nettwerk) (Moody, shiny, pretty guitar pop)
5. Concrete Blonde – Group Therapy (Manifesto) (A welcome return from the strongest female voices in rock since Chrissy Hynde and Ann Wilson)
6. OST – Queen of the Damned (WBR) (The Korn record sucked cause Jon Davis shot his load over this one)
7. The Streets – Original Pirate Material (Vice/Atlantic) (no matter what Dolan says, the rhymes aren’t really serious. An impressive debut)
8. Dream Theater – Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (Elektra) (LaBrie and Petrucci do it again. Their finest, most accessible album since “Awake”)
9. Soulwax – 2 Many DJs (PIAS America) (The future of dance music? Where genre, artist and copyright are rendered meaningless. All that matters is the sound.)
10. Pain of Salvation – Remedy Lane (The only band to come close to Dream Theater’s reign as kings of ProgMetal)
Worst Release Of The Year: The ______s (DESTROY LO-FI)