Sue‘s in town, so I’m taking the whole week off of work. Well, that and there isn’t gonna be anyone at work, so

We might go see Garden State again Also here are some other movies I’m looking forward to:

Natalie Portman (again) in Closer
The “existential comedy”I <3 Huckabees
The decidecly Mamet-esque The Last Shot
The CTHD rip-off Hero. Just kidding about that last part.
The CGInime of Appleseed
Here’s some other stuff I’ve had sitting in my queue:

– Engadget explains why Sony Electronics is bass-ackward (no comment)
– In music news, the creators of one of my favorite songs of last year play All Of Me Watashi-Wa have apparently broken up.
– The very cool new video from Soulwax for Any Minute Now
– An interesting NPR piece on radio stations jumping formats to something cooler
– The UK is just so cool with their britcoms and their Noah’s Ark of DNA.
– What must be my favorite grouphug.us post ever. Hey kids, when you get bored at work, go through random postings and see if you can guess which of your coworkers wrote them!
– Gadget of the Week: Type in a phrase, and musical artists will free shell account?
– More than meets the eye hits the big screen
– Errrr yeah, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday as well, Luke Skywalker
– You can take Britney out of the swamp, but
And last but not least, the story of the IMDB. Anyone else remember www.msstate.edu/Movies/? Damn, I’m old.