Wheels Keep On Spinnin’ ‘Round

First of all, Garden State is easily my #1 movie of this year. It totally speaks to my generations current apathy about all things anything and search for meaning and passion in life. Even though I’m not typically a Natalie Portman fan, she did what the story required of her admirably. Zach Braff has quite a future ahead of him, if this movie is any indication. I’m not ashamed to say there was some welling up toward the end.

Speaking of welling up, my favorite unsigned band of the moment The Upwelling will be playing Mercury Lounge tonight at 11pm, so y’all should come by and check them out!

Oh, by the way, the soundtrack for Garden State is equally amazing. It sounds like the best mixtape you ever created, and includes a dramatic Nick Drake-esque reinterpretation of The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” by Iron and Wine. In my top 10 of this year at #2, can’t really see anything knocking it out.

Thats all for me for now.

Seacrest out!

P.S., if the governor of New Jersey is gay, how come its such a hole? Wouldn’t there have been some redecorating done by now?

P.P.S. R.i.P. Julia Child.