No words. A pleasure knowing you, Jamie (@jamield).


My friend Jamie Dordek died yesterday.  Normally I wouldn’t share such news on my blog, but it so happens that I’d only met her once.  She was someone that I’d gotten to know mostly through Twitter and IM.  Her passion for life and all that it had to offer was truly an inspiration.  We would sit and talk for hours on IM and the phone about music and life and cooking and anything else that happened to make its way into our conversation. I’m so saddened that I will never get to make her the mix CD I promised.

Many have said it before, much more eloquently than I could ever could, so I will just say this:  Social Networking sites connect us to people.  There are so many relationships that I know I value that have started on silly websites like Facebook and Twitter and Myspace and OKcupid and Match.  They are real, whether you’ve spent time with the person in “real life,” just talked to them over the phone, or just online.  All these relationships mean something.  That fact is never more pronounced than when someone is suddenly gone.

There arent ever the right words to say when something like this happens.  The standard response is “I’m sorry,” but that doesn’t really convey what really happens when a hole is made in your life.

So, it was a pleasure to have had Jamie in my life, we were all richer for her existence, and the world lost a killer smile this week.

So long, kid.

Safe travels.

Funny Sexy? from Jamield on Vimeo.