Social Media isn’t the game changer. Acting like humans is the game changer.

I’m SO sick of the phrase “Social Media”  It ghettoizes what is essentially human-to-human interaction into some kind of line item on a marketing plan.

Using Twitter isn’t about 140 characters.  It’s about companies saying “We’re here to help, what can we do” and putting someone in charge of helping.

A Facebook page isn’t about having a convenient place to push the RSS feed of your press releases.  It’s about saying “Here’s a place where we can all come together, share our experiences” and connect with other people who are into the same thing.”

A blog isn’t a place to show how smart your people are and how awesome your company is.  It’s about “Here’s what we’re thinking, tell us what you think.”

“How can we best strategize our tactical efforts to maximize ROI” is a damned copout.  Forget all you know about how you think you need to talk to people at your job, and start talking to the public like you talk to people you like. Everyone who would be interested in what you have to say online is already your friend.  If you can’t do it, you’d better hire someone who can.  Then talk to me about ROI.

Selling stuff isn’t your goal.  Connecting with people is your goal.  Selling stuff is a result of connecting to the point where people would feel bad for NOT buying your stuff.

The information age is about crumbling the pillars of faceless corporate messaging and revealing the people inside who want to talk.

Let’s not reduce an idea as transformational, uniquely of our time and essential to the future as this to the meaningless bland corporate speak of “Social Media” any more.

Just stop.


Rant over.