Jeremy’s Top Albums of 2018

Ben Frost – All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated (Mute) – A supplemental EP to 2017’s dark political album “The Centre Cannot Hold”, this is dark melancholy cinematic crusty electronica.

Penya – Super Liminal (On The Corner Records) – Afro-Cuban (And therefore percussion groove-heavy) deliciousness plus just a little bit of electronics.

V/A – 1+1=X (Erased Tapes) – A collection of exclusive music from each of the artists on the Erased Tapes, created around a single recording session with the same instruments. the Kiasmos track is a standout

Ocean Wisdom – Wizville (High Focus Records): Twista-style vocal gymnastic hip-hop with boom bap beats from Camden, featuring guest spots from Dizzee Rascal, Meth, Roots Manuva and others.

Logistics – Hologram (Hospital Records) : Neurofunk Drum & Bass (slightly jazzy and shiny rather than gruff) from a vet.

Cardi B – Invasion of Privacy (Atlantic): Is she still okay? I can’t keep track. Have listened to this more than almost any other album this year tho.

Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer (Bad Boy): Not sure I can add anything to the discourse about this other than to say that its relistenable as hell.

The Summer Kills – Last Night We Became Swans (Self-released): Hammock + Matthew Ryan. So like… post-rock but also anthem-y.

Findlay Brown – Not Everything Beautiful Is Good (Nettwerk): This years’s heartbreaking guy-with-acoustic guitar selection.  His voice makes me sad.

HAERTS – New Compassion (Arts & Crafts):  In the way that their first album was super Synth-forward, this one integrates real percussion and guitar to make for a more balanced indie dance experience.

Editors – Violence (PIAS): Editors are basically targeted specifically at me at this point.  Baritone vocals over dark guitar synthpop and big choruses.  Yes please.

CHVRCHES – Love is Dead (Virgin/Glassnote): Shiny 80sy Femme Vocal Synth Goodness (there’s a reason i’m not a music writer) Meant for big speakers.

Solar Fields – Ourdom (Sidereal): Spacey New Age but intense and atmospheric. (also if you haven’t heard his Mirror’s Edge soundtracks, get on that)

Andy Cooper – The Layered Effect (Rocafort): The DJ/Producer of Ugly Duckling. Clever rhymes, funky production, silly verses. Mostly about how “old rap used to be better but theres still some good stuff out there”

Marcin Wasilewski Trio – Live (ECM):  One of my favorite current pianists in great form with part of the Tomasz Stanko (RIP) band. Includes a cover of “message in a bottle” and herbie’s “Actual Proof”

Jeremy’s Top Albums of 2017

Airlands – So Much To Keep (Self-released)
ASC – Trans-Neptunian Objects (Auxiliary) – ASC keeps putting out wonderful dark spacey ambient and I keep adding it to my top lists. He’s very prolific, so this was basically just the first one I listened to.
Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastien Plano – Everything (Soundtrack) (Erased Tapes) – A soundtrack to a game about literally everything. Somber and overwhelmingly lovely.
Bicep – Bicep (Ninja Tune) – Artificial Intelligence-style club music.
Casey Dienel – Imitation of a Woman To Love (Paddle Your Own Canoe Society) – Singer of White Hinterland’s solo debut, not so different from the WH stuff.
Feed Me – Feed Me’s Existential Crisis (Mau5trap Recordings) – Just a bunch of electro-house bangers
David Fray – Chopin: Piano Works (Erato/Warner Classics) – Gorgeously produced impeccably played versions of some of my favorite piano music.
Goldfrapp – Silver Eye (Mute) – You know, just another album of dark synthpop to poke my inner goth.
GQ – E 14th (Jamla) – Literate slightly political boom bap hip-hop produced by 9th Wonder.
Grails – Chalice Hymnal (Temporary Residence) – Wall of sound post-rock, very melodic and soundtrack-y.
Jeremy Enigk – Ghosts (Lewis Hollow Records) – Finally some Fire Theft-type output from the SDRE frontman
Julien Baker – Turn Out The Lights (Matador) – Julien bleeds her heart out onto an album and offers it up to you, teary-eyed and hopeless.  Plus strings.  Jeff Buckley vibes.
Matthäus – Effigy (Ears And Eyes) Pretty electronic-tinged chamber pop is basically my cryptonite.
Partner – In Search Of Lost Time (You’ve Changed Records) – The best wryly funny Canadian queer indie rock album of 1994 except, you know, came out this year.
Peter Bradley Adams – A Face Like Mine (Self-Released) – One of like three guy-with-guitar artists that pretty much shortcut to my feels.
Rainer Maria – Rainer Maria (Polyvinyl) – The best indie grungey shoegaze album of 1992, except, you know… came out this year.  A welcome return.
Starsailor – All This Life (Cooking Vinyl) – Another welcome return
Stumbleine – Static Bloom (Self-Released) – Slightly Burial-y atmospheric house.
SW. – The Album (Sued / Apollo)
Ten Walls – Queen (Runemark)
Úlfur Eldjárn – The Aristokrasia Project (One of the members of the Apparat Organ Quartet which is exactly as weird as it sounds makes 
Waaktaar & Zoe – World of Trouble (Drabant Music) – The main dude from a-ha and the daughter of Jimmy Gnecco from Ours make lovely pop together)


Singles and EPs and such:

Sasha – Scene Delete Remixes 3 (Late Night Tales) – Plaid remixes can do no wrong in my book, even if I’ve always found Sasha to be boring.
SubtractiveLAD – Ritual (n5MD)
SUMS – SUMS (Berlin Atonal) – Side project of Barry from Mogwai and Kangding Ray
Lamb – Illumina (Self-Released) – Always look forward to more from this duo.
Nine Inch Nails – Add Violence EP (Nothing)

Jeremy’s Top Albums of 2016

Central Industrial – Flaring Blue in a Timeless Space (Samurai Music Group): Music for exploring an abandoned steampunk spaceship that may or may not be haunted but probably is haunted
Clarke:Hartnoll – 2square (VeryRecords): Half of Erasure and half of Orbital do electro-house and tribute the moment when rave turned into trance
Lone – Levitate (R&S): If rave music never died
The Kills – Ash & Ice (Domino): They’re back! With hooks!
Ocean Wisdom – Chaos (High Focus Records): Clever as hell Eminemy double-time raps over sludgy grime beats make this a hugely impressive debut)
Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid (Rhymesayers): I always forget how much I love this dude.  Nerdy woke personal stories, internal rhyme schemes, RTJ-y production.
St Lucia – Matter (Columbia): Every year it seems like I have a shiny 80sy production-based pop record on my list. This is this years, from the producer of HAERTS which was on my list last year
Luke Howard – Two Places (Lukktone): Sad Jazz plus loopy stuff = solid rainy day tunes)
The Veils – Total Depravity (Nettwerk): Grimy dirty rock/boogie with a hint of electronics)
Maxwell – blackSUMMERS’night (Columbia): Was never much of a fan of his, but this is gorgeous. Especially wonderful on vinyl.
Plaid – The Digging Remedy (Warp): As usual, the first track on a Plaid album is the most interesting. The rest is up to their top quality of warm melodic playful IDM
Shearwater – Jet Plane and Oxbow (Sub Pop): Shearwater’s albums (other than their covers one) are always on my top albums list. If you like them you will like this.  This is why I am not a record reviewer by trade.

Singles and EPs
Theremynt – Vampiros Discos (Neopren): Dd-elicious italo-electro-disco goodness
El Perro Del Mar – dream baby dream (one of the most gorgeous covers of a Suicide song evar)
Phaeleh – All That Remains (Self-released) (Burial-ish melancholic beats and post-rock sounds with nils frahm-ish piano)

Album I still can’t bring myself to listen to even though I’m sure it’s amazing:
Bowie – Blackstar

Jeremy’s Top Albums – 2015

Yes, I know it’s late.

AirLands – AirLands (Self-released):  Dude formerly of Stars of Track and Field does Greys Anatomy pop, collaborating with Ben Weikel (Helio Sequence).
Young Wonder – Birth (Feel Good Lost): Irish electronic pop. Distinctly mid 2010s EDM sounds but more reverie and 6/8 than BROWWWWWWWWWWMMM-y
Matthew Perryman Jones – Cold Answer (Self-Released): My list always has a dude-with-guitar-Americana record and MPJ has been on the list several times.  This one has banjo!
BT/Gregory Tripi – Dark Places (Original Score) (Milan Records): Dark, atmospheric, brooding, reverby. Featuring Belong and David Kristian
Vessels – Dilate (Bias): Dancey post-rock, reissued in 2016 with some new great remixes. RIYL Oneohtrix point never, Holly Herndon
Calexico – Edge of the Sun (Anti): Calexico goes synthy?  With new collaborators including Sam Beam, Ben from Band of Horses and Neko Case, it works.
VV Brown – Glitch (self-released): Former Janelle-alike (in a good way) takes her craft in more Emika-meets-Robyn-like direction.
Julia Holter – Have You In My Wilderness (Domino): Avant-garde weird music auteur goes ever-so-slightly pop, spotlights her gift for lush and melody, Polly Jean fandom.
ASC – Imagine The Future (Samurai Music Group): Music with which to explore a barren unfamiliar-yet-somehow-super-mechanical underground city on a newly discovered planet while wearing a comfortable yet slightly restrictive space suit.
Bluebirds Of Paradise – In A Night (Project 4): Ari Hest and Caitlin Canty craft a light-as-cotton-candy confection straight out of a 70s French rom-com, flute solos and all.
Editors – In Dream (PIAS): Icy, in a Nick Cave and Depeche Mode (and side project Recoil)-esque way
Arovane & Hior Chronic – In-Between (A Strangely Isolated Place): Music for the end of Brazil, or if Blade Runner were a more contemplative meditation.
The Unthanks – Mount the Air (RabbleRouser Music): Steeped in melancholy in a profoundly British/Celtic way.
Conforce – Presentism (Delsin Records): Like a lesser Polygon Window album
Marriages – Salome (Sargent House): Like a lost Catherine Wheel album or a soundtrack from 1993. Featuring former members of Red Sparowes and Isis.
Findlay Brown – Slow Light (Dead People’s Choice): One of those albums with vocals drenched in echo and choir and close-mic acoustic guitar.

Single/EP honorable mention
Idjut Boys – One For Kenny (Smalltown Supersound): Hypnotizing multi-phasic slow nu-disco remix from Bjorn Torske of this 106bpm classic tribute to Kenny Hawkes, plus a Prins Thomas banger on the flip side.
16 Bit Lolitas – Not The Only One EP (Anjunadeep): When 16bL hit on a solid melody rather than random noodling, they are the kinds of deep proggy tech-house.

Mix honorable Mention:
Jon Hopkins – LateNightTales

My top albums of 2014

OK so there are 26 albums on my top of the year playlist, but just for you guys, i will narrow it down.  Realizing a lot of my top music this year is sad white dudes. Guess that says nothing great about me (and also how behind i am on ‘albums to listen to 2014’ playlist)

As always, you can view/listen to/stalk my Top 10s from every year since 1999 right here on my blog.

Here’s my full spotify playlist including the ones that i enjoyed but didn’t make the cut for this list Jeremy’s Top Albums of 2014

In no particular order (and i no make no claim to super high quality descriptors):

Low Roar – 0 (Tonequake) – Just crazy gorgeous beautiful. Formerly Oakland-based Ryan Karazija of Audrye Sessions moves to Iceland and writes lovely haunting music about his new unfamiliar surroundings
Luluc – Passerby (Sub Pop) – Girl with a sultry voice, guy with a guitar. Sublime on vinyl.
Locust – After The Rain (Editions Mego)
Loscil – Sea Island (Kranky)
Phantogram – Voices (Universal/Republic) – Dark electro synthpoppy goodness in the Ladytron/Royksopp/School of Seven Bells (RIP) realm.
Alcest – Shelter (Prophecy Productions) – French black metal turned poppy shoegaze/post-rock band featuring Neil Halstead and Amiina from Sigur Ros
Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Bring us Together (Hot Bus Records) – Big Beat is back? RIYL the last Daft Punk album, I guess.
Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were (Island) – Melancholy british white dude music.
Elizabeth and the Catapult – Like it Never Happened (Scratchback Records / Self-released)
Emerson Hart – Beauty in Disrepair (BMG) – Hooky mainstream pop/rock which kind of reminds me of the late great Will Owsley.  Yes, the lead dude from Tonic.
White Sea – In Cold Blood (Vocalist from M83’s album is better than his latest)
Otto Totland – Pino (Sonic Pieces) – Anyone who enjoys Nils Frahm and the Erased Tapes crew will find this piano solo stuff divine.  Also probably fans of ECM will like it, too.
S. Carey – Range of Light (Jagjaguwar) – Cinematic and gorgeous indietronica/jazz/americana inspired by the southwest