Jeremy’s Top Albums of 2017

Jeremy Meyers’ Picks for Favorite Albums of 2017


Airlands – So Much To Keep (Self-released)

ASC – Trans-Neptunian Objects (Auxiliary)
ASC keeps putting out wonderful dark spacey ambient and I keep adding it to my top lists. He’s very prolific, so this was basically just the first one I listened to.

Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastien Plano – Everything (Soundtrack) (Erased Tapes)

A soundtrack to a game about literally everything. Somber and overwhelmingly lovely.
Bicep – Bicep (Ninja Tune)
Artificial Intelligence-style club music.
Casey Dienel – Imitation of a Woman To Love (Paddle Your Own Canoe Society)
Singer of White Hinterland’s solo debut, not so different from the WH stuff.
Feed Me – Feed Me’s Existential Crisis (Mau5trap Recordings)
Just a bunch of electro-house bangers
David Fray – Chopin: Piano Works (Erato/Warner Classics)
Gorgeously produced impeccably played versions of some of my favorite piano music.
Goldfrapp – Silver Eye (Mute)
You know, just another album of dark synthpop to poke my inner goth.
GQ – E 14th (Jamla)
Literate slightly political boom bap hip-hop produced by 9th Wonder.
Grails – Chalice Hymnal (Temporary Residence)
Wall of sound post-rock, very melodic and soundtrack-y.
Jeremy Enigk – Ghosts (Lewis Hollow Records)
Finally some Fire Theft-type output from the SDRE frontman
Julien Baker – Turn Out The Lights (Matador)
Julien bleeds her heart out onto an album and offers it up to you, teary-eyed and hopeless.  Plus strings.  Jeff Buckley vibes.
Matthäus – Effigy (Ears And Eyes)
Pretty electronic-tinged chamber pop is basically my cryptonite.
Partner – In Search Of Lost Time (You’ve Changed Records)
The best wryly funny Canadian queer indie rock album of 1994 except, you know, came out this year.
Peter Bradley Adams – A Face Like Mine (Self-Released)
One of like three guy-with-guitar artists that pretty much shortcut to my feels.
Rainer Maria – Rainer Maria (Polyvinyl)
The best indie grungey shoegaze album of 1992, except, you know… came out this year.  A welcome return.
Starsailor – All This Life (Cooking Vinyl)
Another welcome return
Stumbleine – Static Bloom (Self-Released)
Slightly Burial-y atmospheric house.
SW. – The Album (Sued / Apollo)
Úlfur Eldjárn – The Aristokrasia Project
(One of the members of the Apparat Organ Quartet which is exactly as weird as it sounds)
Waaktaar & Zoe – World of Trouble (Drabant Music) – The main dude from a-ha and the daughter of Jimmy Gnecco from Ours make lovely pop together)
Singles, EPs and such
Sasha – Scene Delete Remixes 3 (Late Night Tales)
Plaid remixes can do no wrong in my book, even if I’ve always found Sasha to be boring.
SubtractiveLAD – Ritual (n5MD)
SUMS – SUMS (Berlin Atonal)
Side project of Barry from Mogwai and Kangding Ray
Lamb – Illumina (Self-Released)
Always look forward to more from this duo.
Nine Inch Nails – Add Violence EP (Nothing)