On Agency-Side Professional Loyalties: Some Questions.

[originally published on NewCommBiz]


Is our job to provide clients what would best and most cost-effectively address their needs, or what we think we can get them to pay for that may also address them?

Are we loyal to efficient, effective work or to increasing our percentage of billable hours?

Is it ever good business to say “no, this website already exists, we don’t need to build you a new one”?

Who do we ultimately answer to?  The gods of our bottom line or the gods of what we know to be right?

When they are in conflict, which side carries more weight? Which side should carry more weight?

Where does integrity lie?

Jeremy Meyers is an Engagement Strategist at Waggener Edstrom and also blogs at JeremyMeyers.com. He does not have answers, only questions.