A plethora of miscellany including scantily clad women and people with two brains!

– For all you sick people: According to Scientific American, Airborne is a scam.
– Why does Jessica Alba even have a face, when it’s not nearly her best side?
– OK, I give up. Scarlett Johansson is officially hot.
– 2007’s great life advice begins with “Are you leaking? Plug it!”. Used for business in this context, but applicable to all things. Get it out of your head and on paper!
– Ever want to take a sound clip and see what it would sound like when played in a big abandoned warehouse? Well…thanks, internet!. There’s also one that will let you try audio in “a huge (11m) tank made of ferroconcrete”
– Every rockers dream come true: a real, working air guitar

I’d like to leave you with a trio of articles from one of my favorite magazines/blogs, Psychology Today.

– Krang is here! Apparently, we have brains in our stomachs.
– What I’ve been saying for years (it’s even on my MySpace page) is true. Half-asian people really are more attractive!
– I guess all those piano lessons weren’t so horrible: How music lessons strengthen verbal skills