I must be able to blog from everywhere, dammit!

I just signed the Wi-Fi 4 NY petition, and I hope you will too.

It’s outrageous that kids in South Korea have better and faster access to the Internet than kids in the South Bronx, and even kids in SoHo.

It’s ridiculous that Verizon, Cablevision and Time-Warner charge working families $600 a year for a connection that is ten times slower than what you can get in Tokyo.

It’s terrible that our schools are ranked #41 in the country in the use of computers in education.

I don’t want to fall behind Philadelphia and Boston as they bring wireless Internet service to all their residents.

It’s time to bring New York City into the 21st Century and connect every New Yorker to the Internet.

Thanks to advances in wireless technology — “Wi-Fi,” for short — we could get every New Yorker connected for less than $10 per person, the price of a movie ticket!

Wi-Fi should be like water. Or like having a dial-tone on your phone. Free in all public places — and affordable for every business and home. It’s that important to our future.

Mayor Bloomberg and the rest of the city’s leadership hear every day from the big telecom companies and their lobbyists.
Now it’s time they hear from us.

Please sign the “Wi-Fi 4 NY” petition:


And help spread the word by forwarding this message to your
family, friends and co-workers.