I’m so sorry! My blog started playing the WRONG SONG!

Poor lil’ Not-Jessica Simpson. Now the whole world will know that the one thing her and her sis have in common is neither of them can sing. Maybe she should start rappin instead. She can call herself Lil’ Not-Jessica and do a duet with this guy.

In other hack music news, you need to vote or apparently JesusScott Stapp will ejaculate all over you [via Screenhead]

Unless of course you’re in Ohio, where theres a law being fast tracked by Republicans legislators to have Republican non-partisan volunteers manning voting booths to ensure people there are white Republicans eligible to vote.

Anyone have those atari joystick connect-to-tv things? Turns out they’re making one for my old friend the commodore 64 [via Lockergnome]. Commodore.net says it’ll be out in October. Here’s hoping. Otherwise i might have to take my motorcycle powered by chainsaws through spaces that can’t exist [via core77] in an anti-advertising shirt pressed on the worlds coolest ironing board.

That’s all for now, I’m off to deposit $100K I got out of some junk mail

BTW R.I.P. John Peel.