This is what I do rather than writing Sony Classical newsletters.

Since I am a geek, I am therefore required by law to be a fan of all things Groening (even going so far as to commandeer the name…

Since I am a geek, I am therefore required by law to be a fan of all things Groening (even going so far as to commandeer the name ‘Bongo’ to refer to a former coworker…long story.) It was very dissapointing to me when the frequently-cited-as-underrated Futurama finally got canned. By the way, is there like one exec at Fox who does the good shows while everyone else is focused on how many horrendous reality shows they can vomit up. I mean, the House premiere was actually very solid in a Chicago Hope-meets-Law+Order: SVU kind of way. But I digress. So when I saw that TBS was running a contest to give away original cels from both Futurama and what may be the funniest cartoon of all time, The Family Guy, I felt the need to share the wealth with my loyal reader(s).

I’d like to offer a suggestion to Microsoft’s marketing team in the form of ad copy: ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator: So easy to use, even a brain in a dish can fly it! [via] This all just means that we’re one step closer to this:


That’s right. Krang is coming. All hail Krang.

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the movie poster for Edward Scissorhands as Willy Wonka.

And now we come to the creepy politics section. I’d be the last person to claim that video games had any connection to violence… but for those who do, who tend to be vehemently pro-military, perhaps they should take a look at this video of air force fighters taking out a collection of Iraqi civilians in distinctly xBox-like fashion.

Online commentator Jim Meskauskas comments on what has become an increasingly distressing issue in the news lately. He calls it The Tyrrany of the Minority, where a small number (one that would previously go ignored) vocal opponents consider themselves ‘offended’ by something now have the power to keep content from airing, or otherwise control the flow of whatever they might be ‘offended’ by. One of the most terrifying prospects of this is the story reported in USA Today of a woman who went into a drug store to fill a perscription for birth control pills only to have the pharmacist refuse because they objected to birth control as a concept. This is insane. In-freakin-sane. I don’t have words to express the insanity of this. It’s crazy.

Oh well, I guess thats the new way of things in our lone star country run by god-jesus.

Whatever…as long as I dont miss the last 5 minutes of CSI because some world leader died.