Top 10 of 2000

Top 10 for Jeremy Meyers,, in no particular order
1. Chicane – Behind the Sun (Includes the most beautiful track ever, “Saltwater”, featuring Marie Brennan of Clannad)
2. Apoptygma Berserk – Welcome to Earth (Dancy, Hard, Wonderful. Check out ‘Eclipse”
3. Moby – Play (well, maybe not great quality, but it sure is catchy)
4. BT – Movement in Still Life (Lush Shiny Trance. Check out “Dreaming”)
5. Banco De Gaia – Igizeh (Great Ethno-Trance. Check out “Obsidian”)
6. Underworld – Everything, Everything (Go get the DVD. Underworld is the best live band ever.)
7. Iris – Disconnect (Great intro to modern Synth-Pop from these Texans)
8. Fila Brazilia – Brazilification (Best Of the remixes from this Pork Recordings staple. Includes their amazing mix of Lamb’s Cotton Wood)
9. David Gray – White Ladder (If you haven’t heard this by now, go pick it up.)
10. Delerium – Silence EP (especially the Sanctuary Mix)