Top 10 of 2006: Lacuna Coil – Karmacode

Karmacode” builds on where Lacuna Coil’s 2002 breakout album “Comalies” left off and seems virtually guaranteed to bring the mainstream success they deserve. Metal babe and songstress Christina Scabbia’s vocals compliment Andrea Ferro’s more standard gutteral counterpoint, mixing the Gothic tones of The Gathering or The Mission UK with classic metal theatrics into a heavy yet accessible vision of headbangers bliss. The songwriting never sacrifices melody for volume and even ups the arena-friendly production value to a fine polish.

Lead single “Our Truth” begins with a military snare riff, then brings Christina’s amazing range together with a densely harmonized sing-along chorus. “Karmacode” ably demonstrates why Lacuna Coil are the reigning rulers of Goth Metal.