The dilemma of the curious

I’ve always been someone who is hungry for information. I’ve never met a subject I wasn’t at least a little interested in learning more about. Curiosity is something I’ve always innately had. Which leads me to my plea to the internet:

Could you please slow down just a bit?

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The rise of blogs, micro-content, sites like tumblr and posterous, RSS, and others have made it very simple for anyone to publish their thoughts online. As it turns out, there are thousands of interesting people posting all kinds of informative and interesting information on thousands of different topics on thousands of different websites, and every time I stumble across another one of them, my curious mind wants to poke around and read all the articles, and then I look up and its 4am and I have to get up at 7.

So I implore you, Internet. Stop being so interesting.

Somewhere along the way we hit a tipping point where there’s way more stuff out there that I’d be interested in reading, listening to or watching than minutes in the day to read, listen to or watch them. It makes me kinda sad that I won’t ever get to all of the posts that would enrich my life. I hope that this one and the others on my blog have enriched yours in some small way.

I guess there are worse problems to have…