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Seth Godin speaks the truth to Columbia Records

The video about whats wrong with the biz and what needs to be done is what’s taking up most of my mindshare today. Well worth the time for anyone involved in the entertainment biz.

Update: Seth took the video down due to quality issues, but since the content is so remarkable, I have it mirrored here locally:

Update: video is down, but here’s a transcript of what he said.

Creating Customer Evangelists

Some quick notes. Has been covered before, but whats a blog without redundancy. The music biz would do well to read.

  • Ask users what they want, what they expect, what they love and what they hate
  • Dont ever “protect” users, especially from themselves. Users dont need us, we need them.
  • Make your process transparent
  • Your true evangelists should be your best friends
  • Enable and encourage your users to be part of the discussion
  • Get the @#%! out of the way