Jeremy’s Top Albums of 2005

As usual, I’m way mainstreamer than most (tho only 3 out of 10 are sony records)…but hey, I work at a label that’s had that many states AND RUSSIA sue us this year, so what do you expect.

In Alphabetical order.

Kate Bush – Aerial (just something about that voice)
Dangerdoom – The Mouse and the Mask
Mike Doughty – Haughty Melodic (get it…its an anagram!)
Kasabian – Kasabian (Anyone remember that band Rialto?)
Leaves – The Angela Test (www. … also their first record kicks some serious ass too.
Mazarin- We’re Already There
Mylo – Destroy Rock N Roll (I know it technically came out in 04, but…. See below)
Anna Nalick – Wreck of the Day (not just cause i’m in the liner notes)
Nada Surf – The Weight is a Gift (i’m head of the class…i’m popular…i made two brilliant records in a row)
Sigur Ros – Takk… (it’s monolithic even on crappy ipod headphones)

Honorable mentioni (it was a typo but i thought it was funny) to: Ada – Blondie (The Red Shoes kicks so much ass.)
Marjorie Fair – Self-Help Seranade (serene is a word i’d use)
Markus Schulz – Without you near (4-on-the-floor trance music but deep and dark and atmospheric and emotional…much like myself)

Music site of the year: (Seriously, the first recommendation engine that has actually recommended music that both like and haven’t heard before…why didn’t anyone tell me about The Blue Nile?  I blame you!)

Dissapointment of the year: Jamie Lidell – Multiply (i wanted the cool live layering stuff, not this middle-of-the-road blue eyed soul stuff)

I hate myself for liking it: We Are Scientists

Two records I’m still not sick of from last years list: Keane “Hopes and Fears”
Trashcan Sinatras “Weight Lifting”

I wanted to like it more: Ben Folds “Songs for Silverman” (good production and all, but nothing as instantly memorable as anything on “rockin the suburbs”

Band everyone will be saying “i know it came out in late /05, but…” on next years mish list: The Editors

Some good myspace discoveries:
Bon Savants ( wall-of-guitar-plus-falsetto-plus-indiepop=goodness…played with british sea power and the wrens
Pepper’s Ghost ( ok so they’re basically a beatles cover band, but the singer kinda sounds like tim from polyphonic spree, and hey i LIKE the beatles
Xandy Barry ( vaguely electronic (dntel-y) depeche mode-y goodness
Absent Kid ( a Fierce Panda band
Novillero ( their first single has a piano riff, a horn section and “(i can’t get no) satisfaction” tambourine/handclaps
Gledhill ( Gledhill have one small goal: “to write the biggest, most uplifting, epic songs that man has ever heard.” … from the producer of (whats the story) morning glory
Angiescreams ( I had the pleasure of DJing before their set at Limelight for the ill-fated “return” of rock ‘n’ roll church (i mean…freakin KINGS X were playing)… great straight up hooky earworm rock music.