The one question you must ask when interacting

All the ROI, strategy, tactics, RFPs, business plans, dating sites, communication workshops, social media blogs, all this stuff we talk about, it all rolls up to one sentiment for me.

Is what you’re doing making life more awesome for those around you.

This comes from your gut.  It’s not something that can be measured in Excel. Forget about Excel for now.  Can someone take this tweet, this campaign, this conversation, this date, this blog post, this smile, and grow from it?  Not every interaction need be earth shattering, but every one should come from the intention of generosity and empowerment.

You can tell when someone isn’t coming from this place.  It’s not their fault, they may not know any better.  You see them create videos that talk about how awesome the new version of their product or service is, have conversations with the “enough about me, what do you think about my situation” attitude, and so on.  Too much of this, and it can actually be viscerally distasteful to interact.

Of course, trying to do this every single time is very difficult.  But I think if more people, more companies, more interactions were built on this premise, even just 1% more, the world would be a much richer place.

To illustrate, here’s a picture of a cat bathing its kitten. Happy Friday!

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