Jeremy’s resolutions for 2009

I have about six different blog posts half-written on all different subjects (including the failure of classical music to catch on with many of today’s music fan, something about the economy, and other goodness) but partially inspired by Chris Brogan’s “Things not to do in 2009” and partially due to the typical end-of-year reflection and thinking about the future, I wrote some resolutions for myself in my personal journal.

Upon thinking about it and discussing with a few folks, I present them here, unabridged, with the thought that some of you may find a few of them useful to yourselves.

Jeremy’s Resolutions for 2009

  • Collaborate more, professionally and personally. Engage others and allow myself to be engaged with.
  • Trust, share and value my emotions during the course of every day.
  • Spend more time with friends in person (especially if travel is necessary), reconnect with peripheral people.
  • Treat myself and the world around me with more love and respect.
  • Go after what I want without letting fear stop me. Say yes more than I say no.
  • More precisely define my passions, figure out how to make them more core to my day-to-day existence.

Your feedback, additions, thoughts are very welcome.