Top 10 of 2003

Top 10 for Jeremy Meyers ( They are A Full-time Employee. It is not in order.
1. Nothingface – Skeletons (The only record with screaming I can stand. That says something)
2. Ambulance LTD – Ambulance LTD (Still not sick of it.)
3. Lamb – Between Darkness And Wonder (Some of the most beautiful music in any genre ever. Far and away the best record of this year.)
4. Anberlin – Blueprints for the Black Market (Best pop record of the year (sorry, Pay The Girl). Hella catchy and happy and not Christian for a Tooth & Nail Record)
5. Audio Bullys – Ego War (The Streets injected with the spirit of Daft Punk and Les Rhythmes Digitales. Shake yer booty music.)
6. Electric Six – Fire (Let’s start a nuclear war!)
7. Bubba Sparxxx – Deliverance (Real southern hip-hop. With banjos. And harmonicas. Timbaland’s best production work in ages.)
8. Daniel Lanois – Shine (Yes, that Daniel Lanois. He of U2 fame delivers a moody reverby masterpiece of confessional singer-songwriter angst)
9. Atmosphere – Seven’s Travels (Best intelligent hip-hop release all year. Doesn’t sacrifice the beats.)
10. Ascii Disko – Ascii Disko (Electro-House is the new everything.)
CD Overlooked Last Year: Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This (Justin Timberlake + The Streets = … well, you know.)
Biggest Letdown of the Year:

Blogger post 2

What a day, as usual. Got bunches of Nothingface stuff done, need to start on some other bands soon. I get to go to the show at Knitting Factory for free, at least. And yet again, Buffy and Gilmore Girls are reruns.

Oh well, maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight… not likely, though.

What I’ve Learned, 2002 Edition

… sometimes people can still surprise you

… you need to let people make their own mistakes, even though you may desperately want to keep them from pain

… I don’t have to do everything at once, or be everything to everybody

… I have hidden talents

… people who seem to be what you want on paper, aren’t necessarily the people you should be with in life

… sometimes even the most carefully thought out analysis can’t take the place of a good hug

… one of the best feelings in the world is to think about someone and smile because they exist and are in your life

… I probably shouldn’t think so much

… You can go out without getting involved in “the scene,” and sometimes actually even have fun

… Not having someone to wake up with in the morning sucks, but it’s still better than settling.

Top 10 of 2002

Top 10 for Jeremy Meyers ( They are A Full-time Employee. It is not in order.
1. Wayne – Music on Plastic (TVT) (Criminally overlooked. Pop at its best. THIS should be whats big.)
2. Underworld – A Hundred Days Off (V2) (They continue to be the best electronic act around, crossing over just a little bit more since Darren left. Their live show was breathtaking, as usual.)
3. Filter – The Amalgamut (WBR) (Best melodic rock record of the year. QOTSA sucks. I look forward to what RP has in store now that he’s out of rehab.)
4. The Devlins – Consent (Nettwerk) (Moody, shiny, pretty guitar pop)
5. Concrete Blonde – Group Therapy (Manifesto) (A welcome return from the strongest female voices in rock since Chrissy Hynde and Ann Wilson)
6. OST – Queen of the Damned (WBR) (The Korn record sucked cause Jon Davis shot his load over this one)
7. The Streets – Original Pirate Material (Vice/Atlantic) (no matter what Dolan says, the rhymes aren’t really serious. An impressive debut)
8. Dream Theater – Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (Elektra) (LaBrie and Petrucci do it again. Their finest, most accessible album since “Awake”)
9. Soulwax – 2 Many DJs (PIAS America) (The future of dance music? Where genre, artist and copyright are rendered meaningless. All that matters is the sound.)
10. Pain of Salvation – Remedy Lane (The only band to come close to Dream Theater’s reign as kings of ProgMetal)
Worst Release Of The Year: The ______s (DESTROY LO-FI)

What I’ve Learned 2001

i’ve learned that at some point everyone goes through a relationship where you end up wanting something that the other person isn’t ready for, and they all pretty much end the same way.

i’ve learned that age doesn’t have all that much to do with what someone wants or is ready for in a relationship

i’ve learned that when the shoe is on the other foot…

i’ve learned that we all have self-esteem problems, we just deal with them differently

i’ve learned that no matter who’s fault it is or the reasons behind it, it still hurts until it doesnt anymore.

i’ve learned to stop writing these cause i’m just depressing myself